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Yes.  We make it easy to return a product.  You can return your product for a full refund.  You only need to carefully repackage the product and pay shipping. Please see our Return Policy.

The warranty to the Alligator is 2 years on most parts including frame, wheels, suspension systems, electronics, remote and motors.

Yes, our twin 250W motors are 100% waterproof and whisper quiet.   Every part of the Alligator is waterproof, including the remote control.

Cummins Outdoors uses only industry-best Lithium Ion batteries.  Our 24V/380W batteries will power your Alligator golf caddie for over 9 miles (36 holes).

Yes.  We have a Referral Program.  We will send a $50 Visa gift card to each individual who refers a new customer that purchases an Alligator directly from the Cummins Outdoors Website.  The buyer must include the name of the person that made the referral in the “Notes” section of their order and the Visa gift Card will only be mailed after the 30-day return policy and if the product was not returned.

If there are any problems with our products, our support team is there to help.  If it is determined that a part must be replaced, we will ship a replacement part directly to your home or golf course for replacement.  Our customer support team can help you make those arrangements and provide technical support.  There is no cost for part replacements that are covered under warranty.

You can return a product sold through Amazon Prime by following the Amazon return procedures.  If your product was sold through another vendor on Amazon, you must visit that company’s Website and follow their return policy.  In some cases, our support team may be able assist you with an alternative return procedure.

The Alligator weighs about 28 lbs.

Yes.  The Alligator easily folds and will fit in most standard sized trunks, and even in some compact trunks.

Yes. The Alligator’s rear wheels have 2 settings (plus removal for easy trunk transport). When the wheel is pushed all the way in and “clicked” into place, it is in Motor Mode. To put each wheel in Free Wheel Mode, push in the lock button in the center of the wheel hub and gently pull the wheel out just slightly while releasing the lock button. You will hear the wheel lock into place for Free Wheel Mode. Note: when you release the lock button, gently rotating the wheel left and right may help the wheel click into place. To remove the wheel completely, just push in the Lock button and pull the wheel off.

This is because the Alligator’s rear wheels are in Free Wheel Mode. Free Wheel Mode allows you to use the Alligator as a non-motorized push/pull caddie. To put the Alligator’s wheels in Motor Mode, first, make sure your Alligator is completely turned off. Push in the lock button in the center of the rear wheel hub and push in on the wheel to lock it in to place – release lock button. (note: you may need to gently rotate the wheel a bit while pushing it in – this lines up the locking pin so it easily slides into place).

This is called “Drifting”, and it may occur if your clubs are unevenly slotted in your golf bag. Try evening out the club placement in your bag. If there’s still some drifting, you may need to do a quick front wheel alignment (kind of like a car, but this only takes a few minutes). By loosening 4 Allen screws under the front wheel fender, you will be able to lift the fender and adjust the front wheels. Please call our service department @ 888-995-4578 if you need a little help.

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